If you can just ground your business in the here-and-now,
you will find it much easier to successfully steam ahead

It’s crucial to know exactly how your
business is performing before taking it
to the next level.

Try not to venture into uncharted water before you are ready to
do so. Spend some time examining the view first

You cannot write a coherent business
plan in a vacuum. You need to
understand the status quo first

Your employees may sometimes appear to be standing on their
own. However, they are stronger when they work together

Strong leadership is at the heart of
every successful business

Managing a business can be a lonely road so get the best help
you can afford and…

Let our blog give you guidance on
a wide range of business topics

Life can be a beach at times. Take sufficient time-out to recharge
your batteries

Working smarter is better than
working harder so leave some
time for the beach

Make sure you get your team aligned and swimming in the right

Hanging out with colleagues can have benefits for team work

Don’t find yourself alone or under water

Occasionally you may only be able to see the cliffs in front of you
but remember that you may find salvation around the next bend

Don’t give up too soon. You might just
be on the threshold of success

No one is an island so don’t allow yourself to be so engrossed in
your business that you feel all alone and out at sea

Build a team of “A” level players and
you will never feel alone

Life and business can be tough at times but if you persevere it
will usually swing around

Keep in touch with people that matter to you and you will
undoubtedly feel more fulfilled

Listen to those around you but
filter this with your gut instincts

If you want to be able to weather any storm, anticipate the future
and build your Noah’s ark for the flood that may one day come

Hope for the best and plan for the worst

Lead your business like a warrior and keep your troops marching
in line with you

Sound leadership is based on knowledge, courage and
calculated risk taking

With determination, you should be able to scale even the greatest
of walls that may appear before you

If you can identify the obstacles,
you can knock them down one-

Worried About the Health of Your Business?

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  • Provides Full 360 Degree View of Your Business So You Can Make the Absolute Best Decisions Going Forward!
  • Focuses on Management Decisions Instead of the Numbers That Result from Those Decisions … So You Get a Clear Picture of How Your Business is Doing!
  • Benchmarks Your Business Against the Best Performers in Your Market so You Really Know Where You Stand!

It’s easy to get lost working IN your business. There are so many things to do that you have little to no time to look at the big picture and plot a plan for future growth.

Often, successful larger businesses end up asking highly paid professional consultants (like me) to come in and provide a clearer picture of how the business is doing and what it could be doing better.

But this is often not a viable choice for small and medium-sized businesses – SME’s.

So how do you find out if your business could be performing better, how do you check your performance against your competitors, how do you get the information you need to plot a plan for future growth … and how do you do all of those things without spending a fortune or dedicating all your time to this task at the expense of other vital areas of your business?

The answer is …

How’s My Business Doing – The Automated Business
Assessment and Benchmarking Tool
for Small and Medium Businesses

That’s right, I’ve created a business analysis program that completely automates the management consulting process – while also shortening it to just 90 minutes!

Now you don’t have to meet with a high paid consultant or rely on software that provides only a partial view of your business (leaving you to fill in the rest with guesswork and opinion).

Here’s How It Works:

The online program is fully automated so all you have to do is answer the questions in the secure questionnaire, which will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, the program will immediately analyze your answers and deliver a comprehensive yet very easy-to-follow report that will let you know exactly how your business is performing in 28 key areas right now, how you stack up against best business practices and what you can do to maximize profits in the future.

In other words, this report will contain all the recommendations you would get from a human consultant over an expensive period of several weeks and you’ll be getting them all in about two minutes (after you complete the questionnaire).

There is no easier, no faster, no cheaper way to get a full analysis of your business!

With How’s My Business Doing:

  • You no longer have to rely on your own judgment about how your business is performing!
  • You get a thorough expert assessment that will show you the most efficient route for future growth!
  • The report even contains a “traffic light system” so that you will know where your business is weak and in need of fast attention!
It’s the Ultimate Prescription for Business Health!

One of the major deficiencies of other business analysis software programs is that they focus on one specific area, such as financials or marketing, and they don’t provide a full 360-degree view of a business.

This limited focus can cause you to draw the wrong conclusions about your business. For example, if you look at marketing in isolation, you may overlook that the underlying reasons for poor performance in this area may be poor management or a small budget.

How’s My Business Doing focuses on how your business is managed – giving you the clear, full 360-degree picture you need to optimize performance and maximize profits.

Many of our clients have told us that our program produces a report that is a “charter” for how they should be running their business with recommendations and standards they can implement over time for better and better performance.

Our program has also proved to be an early warning system for businesses that are getting into trouble.

So what are you waiting for?

Order How’s My Business Doing Now & Find Out
the Real Health of Your Business!

We want to encourage lots of clients, who are hungry to significantly improve their business performance, to engage with us and get the benefits they deserve without it costing them an arm and a leg.

That’s why we have deliberately priced How’s My Business Doing at a low price that any business can afford.

Plus, if you want to take advantage of our international business management experience, and use us as a direct sounding board or as an implementation partner for your business, we are happy to do that too.

Remember, every successful business entity – whether start-up, second stage or mature – must consistently and frequently use an evaluative process for measuring performance. It should also have a realistic business plan to help guide it forward. Planning in a meaningful way requires a baseline and ongoing evaluation and course correction.

How’s My Business Doing delivers a solid evaluation process and a baseline that you can trust.

Order Now - business health check

Here’s What You Get if You Order Now:
  • Immediate access to How’s My Business Doing – it’s a secure cloud based program that allows you to get a full health check of your business in about 90 minutes
  • Our secure questionnaire, which covers 28 individual analysis areas and includes up to 300 questions for a full view of your business. You can save your progress and complete the questionnaire over a period of time if you like
  • Results that show how your business compares against best business practices and other businesses in your market
  • Our program will even reflect back on how you answered certain other questions and challenge you if you are inconsistent. In essence, we provide an alternative to traditional management consulting for small and medium businesses, at a price they can afford. It is totally unique and really simple to use.
  • Our final report is usually 50 to 70 pages and it features a “traffic light system” so that you can quickly identify what needs immediate action, what needs to be done when you have time, and what can be left alone for now because it is working perfectly well.

Plus, order now and you will also get this free bonus:

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order-now-business health checkn
Please Note:

  • No financial questions are asked on our questionnaire so you do not have to be concerned with putting sensitive competitive numbers online!
  • We also offer the ability to re-take our questionnaire periodically for just $50 so that regular measurements of progress can be taken. A new, different report is issued each time!

Don’t delay, instantly check the health of your business and begin plotting an even more profitable future with How’s My Business Doing.