Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners

“HowsMyBusinessDoing” is a proprietary software product that can be deployed in 2 different ways. It is quite unique and we welcome the opportunity to share this technology and know-how with Affiliate Partners worldwide.

number1Firstly, it is deployed under Niall Strickland’s own brand HowsMyBusinessDoing, wherein all of the branding, content and functionality is in the livery of HowsMyBusinessDoing. In this instance, it is sold directly on Niall Strickland’s websites .

number2The second version of the software, which we call GrowthOracle, was released in July 2014. We significantly upgraded this with a whole new set of tools in July 2015. This version is a cloud-based business analysis platform that Coaches, Business Advisors and Consultants can customize with their own brand and use as their personal desktop tool. The tool enables Consultants to rapidly grow their business, make more money and save significant time normally expended on winning new clients, completing detailed assessments of client businesses and report writing. GrowthOracle does all of this for Consultants and enables them to deliver a detailed analysis of a potential client’s business along with a detailed proposal for services, before ever meeting the potential client. And, it only takes about 5 or 10 minutes of the Consultant’s time from initial enquiry to delivery of a fully costed solution for the downstream client. For more information on this unique productivity tool for consultants, you can visit our dedicated website

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