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How’s My Business Doing Benefits

Automate business - How's my business doing benefitsHow’s My Business Doing automates the management consulting process and truncates it into just 90 minutes. You don’t have to meet with me or anybody else. The questions you will be asked get right to the heart of your business. And once you finish answering all of the questions, a detailed report will automatically be delivered to you in a PDF file, with all the recommendations you might expect to get if you had spent several weeks working with a management consultant. It will probably be the best 90 minutes you will have ever spent looking at your business.
Business evaluation - How's my business doing benefitsThe report you will receive is based on how you answer approximately 300 questions. No 2 businesses are the same and no 2 reports generated by the intelligent consulting engine will be the same either. Every report is individualized. Presuming that you will follow some of the recommendations we give you, you can go back and do the survey again in 6 or 12 months time and measure your improvements based on the new output report. We only charge a nominal fee for any re-tests you may choose to take.
Helicopter view - How's my business doing benefitsYou no longer have to rely on your own judgment about how your business is doing – you will now have an independent view from an expert who has taken a helicopter view of thousands of different businesses during his career.
Traffic light - How's my business doing benefitsThe report uses a traffic light system so that you can quickly identify the areas where your business is weak and in need of attention. This means that you don’t have to read the entire report to start dealing with problem areas.
Road map - How's my business doing benefitsMany business owners don’t take the time to make a thorough assessment of where they are now, before pursuing their business goals. You need to have a very clear idea about where you are and where you are going to before embarking on the journey. We will help show you the most efficient route you should take.
Software - How's my business doing benefitsThis business tool is at the leading edge of marrying technology and business analysis. There is simply nothing quite like it on the market right now. It will show you how you can significantly improve your business performance by demonstrating what successful businesses are doing and what gives them the edge over competition.
Detailed report - - How's my business doing benefitsThe output report is extremely detailed at 50 pages plus, and not only will it score you on 28 key areas of your business; it will also tell you where your business stands compared to the best performers. It has a no nonsense approach and does not pull its punches when telling you about where you are strong or weak, and what you need to do next.
Key areas that will be analyzed include:
Financial Performance
Strategic Relationships
Execution Capability
Management & use of info
Business Strategy
Product Offering
Credit Control
Business Planning
Key Strengths
Business Risks
CEO Analysis
Human Resources
Business Goals
IT Infrastructure
Customer Care
Key Performance Indicators
The 36 Month Question

What do I get if I use this product?

Snapshot of what “HowsMyBusinessDoing” delivers for businesses just like yours in 90 minutes or less

  • Analyzes your business across 28 core performance areas so that you can instantly identify where it is strong and where it is weak
  • Measures management practices in the business rather than focusing on hard numbers so that your financials remain undisclosed
  • Scores your business against best business practice so that you can benchmark your performance against other businesses both inside and outside your industry
  • Uses a traffic light system so that you can easily see what needs to be addressed first, what can be left until later, and what is working just fine
  • Gives you direct feedback on your business performance and delivers no-nonsense feedback if performance is below what it should be
    Celebrates good performance and sound management practices
  • Gives you advice on how to improve performance
  • Provides you with a framework for running your business properly and effectively
  • Does what an excellent management consultant does but at a fraction of the time and cost, so you save money
    Is painless and immediate for you
  • Requires just 90 minutes of the CEO’s time in answering a tailored secure questionnaire online. It takes less than 10 minutes a day over two weeks if you are busy.
  • Works on any of your devices anywhere
  • Is completely impersonal and no interviews or conversations are required
  • Allows you to be completely honest and forthright in your answers.
  • Delivers a 50 to 70 page detailed output report to you in just 15 seconds
  • Ensures that the report is unique to your business
  • Is good for individual businesses, from solepreneurs to 500+ employee companies


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